Shiro Hikari (Level 3)


Shiro Hikari
Variant Human Warlock (2), Cleric (1)
Exp: 1626
Str 15, Dex 10, Con 14, Int 11, Wis 11, Cha 18

HP 29 = 8 + 2 + 8 + 2
AC 19 (Chain 16, Shield 2)
Init +0, Speed 30

Senses: Investigation +2, Perception +2
Saves: Wisdom +2, Charisma +6
Skills: Perception +2, Persuasion +6, Investigation +2, Performance +6, Deception +6
Feats: Spell Sniper, Crossbow Expert
Languages: Common, Elvish, Dwarvish, Orc

Class Features:

Warlock Features: Otherworldly Patron (Archfey), Pact Magic, Eldritch Invocations (2), Fey Presence (Wisdom Save, Fear/Charm)
Cleric Features: Spellcasting, Divine Domain (Life)

Eldritch Invocations: Agonizing Blast, Repelling Blast

Warlock Spells Per Short Rest: 2
Spells Per Day: 2
Cleric Spells Prepared:
Cantrips: Guidance, Light, Spare the Dying
1st Level: Bless, Cure Wounds, Healing Word, Shield of Faith

Warlock Spells Prepared:
Cantrips: Eldritch Blast, Minor Illusion
1st Level: Hex, Faerie Fire, Protection from Good and Evil

Sorcerer Spells Prepared:
Cantrips: Fire Bolt

Gear: Chain mail 75gp, shield 10gp, staff 5gp, holy symbol 5gp, healer’s kit 5gp
Explorer’s Pack 10gp: Backpack, bedroll, mess kit, tinderbox, torches x10, rations x10, waterskin, hempen rope 50ft

4 rooms and breakfast = 2.5g

Quarterstaff: 1d6 +2 / +4

Cleric: Life Domain

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Background: Noble
Feature: Position of Privelage
Personality Trait: Despite my noble birth, I do not place myself above other folk. We all have the same blood.
Ideal: All people regardless of station deserve to be treated with dignity.
Bond: The common folk must see me as a hero of the people.
Flaw: I have an insatiable desire for carnal pleasures.

Magic Items: Ring of Protection +1


Shiro Hikari (Level 3)

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