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Scratched is set in a fantasy realm much like Greyhawk or Faerun. The cosmology is that the gods “scratched” a cosmic orb of power which accidentally created the mortal planes and all existence. This campaign is a 4e playtest that will explore several published and original adventures as well as extended and original content.
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retired scratched 3.5

Party Page

DND 3.5 Character Creation Guidelines for Scratched 3.5 Playtest

Any resource from DMG, PHB, MM, or SRD excluding psionics, suggested rules, and alternate rules.

abilities use standard 25 point buy or you can just use the elite array (15,14,13,12,10,8)


wealth 5400 gp

Recruiting No (Retired)

Eagleheart: Entering the big city
Nadlyn: The beginning, the plan
Nadlyn: The Next stage of the plan
Travelers: A visit to Scum Town
Travelers: Inside the Dragon Tomb
Character Creation

Eagleheart Band:
Content Not Found: valttor_|
Content Not Found: cleridin_|
Content Not Found: mort|
Content Not Found: kive

Nadlyn’s Minions:
Content Not Found: nadlyn_|
Content Not Found: jawrak_|
Content Not Found: saiman|
Content Not Found: pate

Fharlanghn Travelers:
Content Not Found: gordon_|
Content Not Found: yohon_|
Content Not Found: alister|
Content Not Found: whisp

Ruffians (no party name):
Content Not Found: bani_|
Content Not Found: kliek_|
Content Not Found: rume|
Content Not Found: hasun

Eagleheart Band:
Content Not Found: valttor_|
Content Not Found: cleridin_|
Content Not Found: mort|
Content Not Found: kive

note: italics indicates speaking in dwarven unless otherwise specified.

Content Not Found: valttor: “Keep up, pebble. I see the gates now”

Riding on war ponies, the two dwarves arrive at the entrance to Calgary.

Cleridin: “I’m here.”, he says out of breath and riding as fast as he can.

Inside the gates the pair lead their mounts to a stable, tossing a coin to the stable hand, Content Not Found: valttor grunts, “keep the change” in dwarven which arrives to the young human boy’s ears as, hav-bee-arrr. he just gives a strange look and quickly pockets the coin.

The wonders of the city are vast and Content Not Found: valttor stretches his arms up to the sky in a gesture as if there is so much to see, hear and smell that he needs to use his arms to take it all in.

Cleridin, just cowers in his big brother’s shadow, keeping his head down and trying not to make eye-contact with any of the humans they pass.

After several minutes of travel they find a dwarven hall named the “Stone Mountain Tavern” and are allowed passage inside where they order food and drink after their long and demanding journey.

Barmaid: “You boys seem to be looking for someone.”, she says kindly after bringing meat and ale.

Content Not Found: valttor: Speaking up, “This is such a fine tavern, I was wondering if you know who is the owner?”

Barmaid: “Why it’s Ulfgar Torunn, you two must be from other parts?”

Content Not Found: valttor: “I would love to talk to the guy, is the entire tavern made of stone?”

Barmaid: “Sorry, Ulfgar is not to be disturbed, he’s in his private chambers doing ‘gods know what’, may be there for days… and yes, this place was build from the ground up, all stone and if you notice, only dwarves are allowed.” She takes the finished plates and winks with heaving bosoms and a flirtatious smile. “You boys leave me your name and I’ll let him know you were calling for him.”

Content Not Found: valttor exchanges pleasant conversation with the very attractive dwarven barmaid while Cleridin just stares at her and listens. The entire place seems so familiar to him yet completely foreign and uninviting. All other patrons seem to pay these two no mind.

They spend a few hours chatting with some of the friendlier patrons and without much effort get directions to one of the Moradin temples nearly on the other side of town.

As the brothers leave out of the tavern, Content Not Found: valttor slaps Cleridin hard on the back, making him stand up-straight and catching him completely off-guard. “How did you like that lass, Genna? Dwarven women look a lot different here in the city don’t they?” Cleridin, slightly embarrassed just nods and falls in-line behind his older brother.

Dodging through the chaos of the streets, the two walk for several minutes before their attention is taken by what sounds like dwarven swear words as a chair leg comes crashing out a bar window.

Content Not Found: valttor looks at Cleridin and chuckles, “This is going to be good.” Signaling for him to rush into the human bar to see what the ruckus is all about.

Kive: “I don’t like the way you cheat at cards!” Says the stout but strong-looking dwarf who appears to be surrounded by angry men holding make-shift weapons: bottles and broom handles.

Cleridin: Speaking softly, “This does not look good.”

Content Not Found: valttor: Almost shouting says, “You’re no dwarf if you don’t take pleasure in good ’ol fashioned bar-brawl.”

Human Brawlers: Recognizing the dwarven tongue, the men pause and shout, “Look, more dirty dwarves in our clean house!”

Cleridin quickly gets off a couple spells before any punches are thrown. (casts mage armor and shield on himself)

The three dwarves are pushed together and backed into a corner.

Cleridin: “How did I let you get me into this?” (casts bull’s strength on Content Not Found: valttor)

Kive: “Hello brother…”, he says in common and looking at Cleridin, “…a little help here?”

Cleridin: “I’m not your brother. You unkempt fool.” As he completes the somatic components he embellishes one of the gestures by holding his nose with one hand and touching the dwarf with the other. (casts bull’s strength on Kive)

Kive: “Well thanks either way…”, now speaking in dwarvish, “…it’s just that you remind me of me own brother.” He smiles a wide grin and then looks towards the men quickly closing on them and beings to shake and scream, his eyes widen and spittle flies from his teeth. (Kive begins to rage)

Content Not Found: valttor: “Yeah!”, he gives off his own battle cry before engaging the hapless commoners in this bar.

After less than a minute of fighting the two stand victorious over moaning bruised and beaten humans as Cleridin shakes his head in disapproval.

Kive: “Now is our chance to escape!” With fast moving legs the dwarf disappears into the street.

Content Not Found: valttor: “Six men against two dwarves really isn’t a fair fight but I think I’ve had enough fun for now.”

He grabs his brother by the robes and rushes as fast as he can towards the swift stranger. All three of them stop in an alleyway to catch their breath.

Kive: “Kive Stonewill. I like your style.”

Kive extends his arm to Content Not Found: valttor who latches on and gives him a firm and nearly violent handshake.

Content Not Found: valttor: “Stonewill, you’re a hill-dwarf, aren’t you?”

Kive: “Low-mountains, but I won’t hold it against you for calling them ‘hills’”

Cleridin: “You both are insane. Brother, we can’t associate with this guy, he’s a lunatic and must have some kind of death wish.”

Kive: “Aye,” he chuckles, “with words like that you must be me own kin.”

Both Content Not Found: valttor and Kive share a long hardy laugh as Cleridin rolls his eyes, folds his arms and pouts.

Content Not Found: valttor: “Come with us, we were just heading to the Moradin temple. You ‘low-mountain’ dwarves follow the old religion now don’t you?”

Kive: “Nay, I like Moradins enough, I like their style, but my clan says Kord is a dwarf. If you ever find me in a temple that’s where I’d be.”

All three agree to head towards the Moradin temple laughing and bantering the whole way there.

Mort: “”wiki-content-link-not-found">_Content Not Found: valttor_, it’s good to see you after such a long time. What do you think about this new temple?"

Content Not Found: valttor: “Well, for starters, it’s above ground.”

Mort: “I recognize you, Cleridin. You look just like your big brother.”

The Eaglehearts talk about family matters for a while before Mort notices that there is another companion and he speaks up and although Content Not Found: valttor and Kive both laugh in the re-telling of the brawl and how they met, Mort simply nods and fails to change his expression once until they are done.

Mort: “Fine. The stones are never changing, beware the rolling stone. However, welcome to the temple of Moradin, please come in and find yourself a room in the back, you are all welcome to stay.”

That night at dinner, Cleridin is given the stage to discuss his research in a lost and ancient Eagleheart tomb. During his time in the library under the mountain he was able to match passages from old tomes with scrolls recovered recently from the city. The Tomes described a group of separatist who left the safety of the mountain but the location of their settlement was lost over time. Cleridin’s discoveries place their location close to where Calgary stands today. Learning this information the high priest of Moradin charged Cleridin, by way of a holy quest, to uncover the location of these separatists and to recover any artifacts or documents that can be found.

Cleridin’s family cringed at the thought of sending their fradgle child on an adventure of this magnitude and so Content Not Found: valttor, the seasoned and worldly older brother was also charged with a related quest as Cleridin’s protector on his journey.

Mort sat silently as he listened to the events unfold and when all had been said he spoke another parable about the destiny of mountains to form together to make ranges.

Mort: “Before announcement of your arrival I was visited by a vision of Moradin. He held a hammer and crushed a foul beast and pointed to the lands around the city. I to must be part of the quest, for the vision clearly foretells of an evil that must be stopped in order to recover this site.”

Cleridin: “Thank you, cousin, your assistance in the quest is much appreciated.” He performs a ritual Moradin gesture as a sign of respect.

Kive: “What the Hells!”, he begins in common, “I want to come along too. Must be fate that I ran into you today.”

Cleridin: Looks at his brother who is simply nodding in agreeance. Then looks at Mort who also agrees and then cries out in the most sarcastic tone possible, “That’s exactly the kind of help I need.”

All three dwarves smile in agreement while Cleridin lays his head on the table and pouts.

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Only use of the 4e PH for character creation. Extended races from MM and other resources will be allowed with approval.

Ability scores use method #2 from the PH or standard 22 point buy. The first playtest utilities a non-standard array (16, 14, 14, 13, 10, 8)

Starting at 1st level

wealth 100 gp

Recruiting No (playtesting only)

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Whisp: “I’ve hit stone!”

Sure enough, the entire structure they found to be buried under several feet of sand. It took them a few hours to find the entrance but the large stone doors were not locked and the inside was clean and dry.

Whisp: “I can tell that someone has been here recently, look at the used torches they’ve discarded.”

Walking through the passageway, it was difficult to tell which way was up, the stones were clearly carved but the architecture was foreign to all those in the group.

Yohon: “Whisp is gone again.”

Suddenly, and without warning, two Salamanders rush out of the darkness and attack Gordon, in the lead, but both attacks miss.

Yohon: “May the holy quarterstaff of Fharlanghn thwart my foes!” Casts spiritual weapon. The magical quarterstaff bursts on the first salamander dealing a heavy blow but not enough to take him down.

Alister: “That spear looks quite dangerous.” Casts grease on the spear but the second salamander manages to hold on despite the spell.

Whisp: Comes out from the shadows and gives Gordon a flanking bonus.

Gordon: “Die you evil firey bastard!” Swings his mighty greatsword with skill and precision hits the first salamander enacting a deep wound but the outsider is still standing.

Whisp: “Aha!” Catching the salamander flatfooted she sneak attacks, stabbing his kidneys and felling the enemy.

The last salamander stabs at Whisp with his spear then slaps his tail but she is too dexterous for his attacks to hit.

Gordon: Power Attacks dealing a large amount of damage.

Whisp: Comes in behind the salamander to take him out with another sneak attack.

With both small creatures dead the battle is over.

Gordon: “Alister, what do you know of these creatures?”

Alister: “They are native to a Fire Elemental Plane. These are younglings and they can grow to be much more dangerous. Only magic weapons can injure the mature salamanders.” He stops to search through their possessions. “I really can’t think of a reason that they would be in a dragon temple… Unless.” He sits down on the ground and opens an arcane book.

Gordon: “Unless what?”

Alister: “Unless, of course, these were servants to a dragon brood, either that or followers. Either way, there is sure to be some fire hazards in our near future.” He pauses and mumbles a few words to himself and continues. “Or maybe the salamanders are a ruse and what awaits us is a white dragon, snow and ice traps all the opposite of what we’ve seen thus far. There is really no way to know for sure.”

After looting the corpses of the small salamanders, they hid the bodies along the wall and headed further into the passage.

Whisp: Her feet fall out from under her, she quickly catches herself and tumbles to the other side as a pit trap opens beneath. “Whoa. I was searching and didn’t even see that coming. Just give me one second and I will disable this.” The trap resets but then without much trouble she was able to disable the trap in such a way, if need be, she could reset it upon escape.

Deeper and deeper the team travels into the darkness. The rogue carries a small torch and the cleric heads the back with a lantern. This time when they are attacked it’s by a solitary medium salamander and no one is surprised.

Whisp: rubs magic weapon oil on her dagger and tumbles past, with ease, waiting for a flanking partner.

The salamander turn around with a full attack on the rogue. The first misses with his spear but the second hits sticking in deep and dealing extra damage from the salamander’s heat. Then she is hit with a tail slap damaging her with heat and then the tail wraps around her and constricts dealing more damage and heat.

Whisp: Wrapped in the tail of the fiery salamander she goes limp.

Yohon: Casts cure moderate wounds, “coming for you lass.” Moving up to the beast his touch wakes her but she is still grappled.

Alister: Casts glitterdust on the salamader, hitting Whisp but just missing Yohon.

Wisp goes blind but so does the salamander.

Gordon: Charges and power attacks and slices deep into the salamander who is now blind.

Whisp: Using escape artist she slips out of the grapple and attacks but misses due to concealment (blind).

The salamander blindly flails in all directions but doesn’t hit anyone.

Yohon: Steps back and casts sound burst on the salamander stunning him.

Yohon provides a flank while Gordon finishes off the blind and stunned salamander with just a couple hits.

Whisp: “Help, I still can’t see.”

Alister: “Worry not, the effect is temporary.”

Yohon: Uses Whisp’s wand to help heal her up, “Sorry to be always having to heal you up. I guess that’s the price for being the front.”

Travelers: A visit to Scum Town

Whisp: “Burning ships in the harbor. That can’t be a good sign.”

Yohon: “We should go help them put out those flames.”

Alister: “From the look of it, people around here don’t seem to mind. Best we keep our heads down and try not to interfere with the local’s flavor.”

Gordon: “Great, might as well rest up for the night, here is a tavern… I think.”

The streets of Scum Town resemble a failed military outpost. Buildings are all in disrepair and you can tell that there were old sign posts and barracks now made into shops, taverns and inns.

Gordon: “Yes, look! It is a tavern, the thirsty turtle. I hope they have turtle soup.”

The party enters the bar to see that despite it’s poor exterior the interior is rather well kept and patrons fill every seat in the house save one empty table.

Gordon: Grabbing the empty chair to sit, but he is interrupted.

Waitress: “Seat’s saved. Go sit at the bar.”

Somewhat startled but not wanting to cause any trouble they all four move to squeeze into the bar area. Most of the patrons are quietly keeping to their tables, but off in the far corner of the bar there is much commotion around what seems to be a gambling table with dice games.

Gordon: “Barkeep, a round for my friends.”

Barkeeper: “You got money to pay? You look well enough as it is.”

Alister: “I say, gentleman, how would you like to earn a coin? We are in the area looking for employment but we would like to keep a low profile and keep away from the cut-throats. Do you think you can guide us for some payment.” He lays a few silver on the counter, flashing it for a moment then covering it with his hand.

Barkeeper: Leaning in as if to whisper. “The elf in the corner.” He nods his head in the general direction. “He’s some sort of pansy scholar with a body guard. He’s been taking names and sitting with folks, I’d say he’s the right guy to talk to.”

Alister: Lifts his hand as the bartender scoops up the coins.

Yohon: “Let’s go sit with him, see what he’s up to? Where is Whisp.”

The elf signals for the party to join him. Whisp arranged a meeting while the rest of the party tried to gather information from the staff. Silent and invisible she was back before she was missed.

Setuani: “Come adventures, sit and listen for I have a job for you.”

The party obliges looking at each other with some doubt in their eyes.

Setuani: “I am Setuani, and this here is my cousin and partner Zithodan. He doesn’t speak so let me greet you on his behalf. So, it is well known that I am a historian with orders from the royal library to collect information about the ancient dragon-kin that once lived in this very area so long ago. Here is a copy of a rubbing, detailing what we can only guess might be the lost temple of a dragon-god. I’ve got so many more sites to explore but unfortunately, none of my charters have returned from this location’s assignment. I will pay you upon return”, he winks, “and you shall make every effort to recover any artifacts found within. Have we got a deal?”

Alister: "Ancient races lost in time, a temple that none have returned from, sound incredibly dangerous, yet intriguing.

Yohon: “I’m up for it. What say you, Gordon?”

Gordon: “Sound like you have just hired the Travelers.”

Setuani: “Excellent, I shall call upon you in the morn to have you sign wavers, official royal contracts, you understand.”

So the party was given rooms and a meal on Setuani’s tab and in the morning they signed contracts full of legal writing and then set out towards the desert about a half a day’s ride from Scum Town. Once they got closer to the location detailed on the map, the ground turned to sand and they began traveling in the desert and when they stopped they each took up digging.

Jawrak: “We can pay you good. Meet us here”, he taps on a folded map, “and bring some gear. You do know what to expect… right?”

Damasus: “Skellys!” he nearly shouted.

Jawrak: “Quiet.” He looks around and then smiles. “Discretion, please. We are talking about a lot of gold. We don’t want any tagalongs.”

Damasus: “Right, sorry. Me and me mate will be there, swords and shields.”

Jawrak: “Good, but bring clubs and maces, as well as swords?”

Damasus: “Right, sorry again. Don’t think swords work that well ’ganst them skels.”

Salvadore: “I ’avn’t got a club.”

Jawrak: Rolling his eyes, “Don’t worry, I’ll bring a couple extras. You two say you’re from way south? And you don’t have families and you just arrived in town and you really haven’t met anyone yet?”

Damasus: “Dat’s right. You is the best friend we’ve got in town. Thanks for the ales and rooms and the work.”

That night about an hour late, the clumsy pair meet up with Jawrak in the woods just a mile outside of the city.

Jawrak: “Fellows, I’d like you to meet my employer, Renald.”

Nadlyn: “Let’s start hiking.”

Cackling breaks the silence of the night as the two hires joke, recalling stories of their travels to the city.

note: whispering in Orcish

Nadlyn: “I’m trying to ignore this pair of fools. They will be perfect for what we have in store.”

Jawrak: “Boss, do you know we are being followed?”

Nadlyn: “Yes. I noticed him eavesdropping on your interviews yesterday. I sat him down earlier today and told him our ‘plans’ tonight. I also told him not to follow. Luckily, we can see that he came alone. The funniest part is that he used to be a crusader.”

Jawrak: “Paladin?”

Nadlyn: “Fallen. Probably has a death-wish.”

A few hours of hiking and the party arrives at a gaping fissure in the ground.

Jawrak: “Here’s the climbing gear. Let’s get to work.”

Jawrak and the boys work quickly setting four anchors so the team can lower themselves into this underground cave.

Salvadore: “I think I see gold.”

Damasus: “You idiot, that’s the torch light reflecting in water. We’ve got to find a crypt down here first, before we see any gold.”

The cave is large and damp. Tiny bats shriek by as shadow’s dance around every corner.

Jawrak: “Stop!” he nearly cries as he grabs a torch from Salvadore and hold it up to show bones on the floor.

Nadlyn: Starts to walk backwards. He starts casting spells. Casts Mage Armor and Shield on himself from scrolls.

Suddenly, from the bones all around them, skeletons spring up. Four at first and then soon they are swarmed by many more. Jawrak and the hires fight frantically to knock them down but more keep rising.

Jawrak: Fighting defensivly, he manages to dodge most of the attacks.

Salvadore: “Aaag. I’m hurt real bad, Dam.”

Damasus: He looks back towards the wizard. “What are you doing? Help us out.”

Nadlyn: Two magic bolts fire from his hands, spinning around the combat before bursting on the chin of the skeleton grappling with Damasus. The skeleton falls to pieces as the boy looks terrified and continues swinging.

Jawrak: “Now boss.”

Nadlyn: “No. wait for it.”

Salvadore: “Awww. I need help.” Down and bleeding out, he calls for help before going unconscious.

Damasus: “Sal! No. I have a potion, I just can’t get to him.”

Now there is a halt to the number of undead coming. Both Salvador and Damasus were able to thwart a few each. Nothing seems to have fallen by Jawrak’s hand. And the wizard who seems to be doing nothing has bested just one of the skeletons.

Damasus: “Curse you both. You do nothing while me and my friend just die.”

All the skeletons stop at that moment and turn their empty eye sockets to the darkness ahead. Something is coming. They pause only briefly before swinging again.

Nadlyn: “Here he comes. Are you ready?”

Jawrak: “Ready.”

Nadlyn: Pulls out a scroll of fireball and points his finger directly on Jawrak. With the last word spoken a glowing bead fires from the tip of his finger, detonating on the rogue. The blast is so large that it encompasses all the skeletons and the two hirelings.

Damasus: “Aaaaah!” He dies in the blaze.

Jawrak: Instantly, at the moment of impact he deftly tumbles , evading the blast. Surveying the scorched remains of his party and many bones, he backs up and stands beside Nadlyn.

Nadlyn: “Remeber, he should be alone. Take out anything that’s with him.”

Around the corner of the cave, barrels a tough looking skeleton with a greatsword raised over his head.

Nadlyn: Pulling out a peice of raw meat and a small bone he starts to cast, “Halt” casting Command Undead.

Saimon: Stops and lowers his blade.

Jawrak: Smiles in relief and then starts to loot the dead hirelings.

Nadlyn: “Come minon. We have plans for you. Plans indeed.”

They continue deeper and find the tomb but something is wrong.

Nadlyn: “It’s not here. Someone has taken the artifact from this hiding place.”

Jawrak: “At least it’s not a complete loss. Look at all the stuff I found, armor and weapons and gems.”

Nadlyn: “Give me that.” He snatches a large round onyx from the pile of gems Jawrak is carrying.

They place the body of the hirelings into stone coffins and pack up the treasure and head out of the cave. They get out of the breach when they are stopped by a man with weapons drawn.

Pate: “You killed them! You killed them both and for nothing. Nothing more than a few gems and some old armors.”

Nadlyn: Casts charm person on Pate. “Friend, we’ve been waiting for you. Part of this treasure is yours. You’ve earned it. Come with us, tonight we sleep in better beds.”

Pate: Now enchanted. “We really did show them, huh? Tell me again, what did I do to earn the gold.”

Nadlyn: “Remeber, we hired you to watch our backs, to make sure that no one follows us and to guard our escape route so we can leave the cave.”

Pate: “Now I remember. You’re great, boss.”

Saimon: “Uhhh”, he moans quietly.

Nadlyn: The Next stage of the plan

Just outside of the city gate the four sneak around like thieves in the night.

Nadlyn: “Minion, lay down and stay here until I return.”

Saiman: “…”, lays down.

Jawrak: “Better hurry, my disguise is starting to fade.”

Now the three make their way to a high-end inn, each hauling a large sack of gear, armors and treasure.

Nadlyn: “We’ve got to stash this in the stables. Pate, why don’t you stay there tonight and watch our stuff.”

Pate: Still charmed. “Sure, that’s a great idea.”

Pate stays in the stable like an animal while the other two head up stairs.

Jawrak: “Please give us the three best rooms in the inn.”

Inn Keeper: “Three rooms? Are you expecting another person?”

Pate: “Yes, one of our companions has already fallen asleep in the stables, I know, strange habit. He likes to sleep near the horses, reminds him of his childhood. I’d still like to pay for his room if that’s okay.”

Inn Keeper: “Pay so that he can sleep in the stable, I guess that’s alright.” Confused but not prepared to deny payment, she shakes her head and takes the two to their rooms.

In the morning Nadlyn is the first to wake up. He heads down to the stables where he finds Pate, still asleep.

Nadlyn: Casts charm person. “Wake up, we have work to do.”

Pate: Charmed. “What do you need?”

Nadlyn: “I need you to trade some of this gear at the fence and then trade the rest at the smith. Make sure you make separate trips so you aren’t caught carrying all this equipment around town.”

Pate salutes with a dazzled look in his eye. Nadlyn leaves to find Jawrak.

Nadlyn: “Get dressed, you’re going to need a disguise again.”

Jawrak: “How about something more human?”

Nadlyn: “Human perfect.” He hands the round onyx to Jawrak and says, “You know where to go.”

A few hours later Jawrak sneaks up to a clerk in an old tome and spell store.

Jawrak: Looks around, the old shop keeper is not paying attention to him. He waits and says nothing.

After several minutes the shop keeper stops writing in his ledger and looks up at the off-color orc.

Shop keeper: “Yes, man? How can I assist you.”

Jawrak: Lays the onyx on the counter and looks the shop keeper directly in the eyes.

Shop keeper: Nervously, looks around the shop for other patrons, but the store is empty. “Hold on.”

The shop keeper disappears into the back and doesn’t return for several minutes. When he does come back, he is carrying a scroll with a worried look on his face.

Jawrak: Simply smiles.

Shop keeper: “I don’t know you. And I don’t know where you got this scroll from.”

Jawrak: Pockets the gem then reaches out an open hand to take the scroll and places a pouch of gold on the counter with his other hand. Then leaves the store before the old man can say anything.

After several nights, Pate and Jawrak recruited young inexperienced adventures from different taverns and inns across the city. Each time, bringing them to certain death and turning on them after being overwhelmed by their skeleton and with the help of some newly animated undead. Nadlyn pulled his team out after six casualties, hocked all their gear and moved onto a small farm outside of the city. Laying low and waiting for the next stage of the plan.

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Order of Tamakas (Face Party)

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Tamakas the Merchant has wealth beyond compare. He created the order to explore some of his personal interests in ancient artifacts and lost cultures. While many of the finds have immeasurable value, Tamakas usually does not part with his treasure and has been amassing one of the rarest collections in the world.

Striker Party

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1 Cleric, 3 Strikers

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