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This is the Scratched 5e Playtest Party Page with links to all of the 5e characters and character related content.

Character Title Race Build-Class Alignment Specialization Ability notes
Dylan the Merciful Human Healing Cleric Lawful Good Divine Compulsions Charisma over Strength
Flint the Hospitaler Any-Race Support Paladin Any-Good Temporary hitpoints and support Charisma over Wisdom
Garr the Holy Liberator Usually Orc Usually Barbarian Ex-Paladin Chaotic Good maximizing weapon damage Constitution over Armor Class
Splendor the Radiant Human Smiting Paladin Lawful Good Smiting and Turning Charisma over Strength
Lail the Battle Archer Elf Archer Any-Chaotic The Way of the Bow Wisdom over Strength
Wisp the Rogue Lightfoot Halfling Sneaky Rogue Any Stealth and Silence
Saulentine the Battlemage Human Staff Wizard Usually-Good Armor Class and Defensive Spells Dexterity over Constitution
Caeundan the Archmage Elf Generalist Wizard Usually-Good no specialization Wisdom over Dexterity
Abor Raxas the Dragon Disciple Usually-Human Dragon Blood Fighter Any-Good High Armor Class without Shield Constitution over Wisdom
Jyin the Charitable Human Front Line Paladin Any-Good Defensive Shield and Armor Class over Turning
Valttor the Weapon Master Dwarf Reflex Rogue-Fighter Any-Chaotic Exotic Weapon Master Dexterity over Strength
Cleridain the Thaumaturgist Dwarf Wizard or Wizard-Cleric Any-Good Divine Arcane Spells Intelligence and Wisdom
Nadlyn the Necromancer Human Wizard or Cleric Any-Evil Evil and Necromancy Constitution over Dexterity
Pate the Un-forgiven Human Ex-Paladin Fighter Any Sword and Shield Constitution over Dexterity
Party 5e create5e Home Page

Party 5e

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