Scratched Guidelines 5e
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Scratched is set in a fantasy realm much like Greyhawk or Faerun. The cosmology is that the gods “scratched” a cosmic orb of power which accidentally created the mortal planes and all existence.

This campaign only uses Basic Rules 5e found here: DND Basic 5e

The goal is to test builds, test character concepts of old and new, have fun, and to document the new edition.

This campaign is completely virtual and conceptual, extending the spirit of BYOD (bring your own deity) to any and all aspects of the campaign. The city is based on Calgary (world’s largest city) but functions the same as Greyhawk and will often be referred to as “the city”.

Character creation is currently open to any and all players with no level cap. we are starting with level 1 characters and will expand to others. We are using standard arrays and point buy of 27. We are also limited to standard wealth and upkeep rules.

Party 5e create5e Home Page

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